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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Be A Success, Find A Buddy

Workout buddies are the best!  They keep you accountable for your workouts on those days you just don't want to.  The most successful times in my life were when I had a workout buddy, someone to be there, to push me and to keep me going.  It tends to overflow into other areas of your life too!  Double bonus!  Take a look at the most successful people you know.  Do they work out?  Chances are, yes.  Statistics show that people that work out are more likely to be successful.  They're also happier and more goal driven.  If getting fit doesn't motivate you to work out, what will like a successful and happy life?!

I get it, all you who don't work out and are successful....why are you reading my blog anyway?  This is about fitness, nutrition and success.  Ya.  You could prove me wrong, and the statistics about successful people.  Go ahead.  I dare you.  I like to be wrong, it just doesn't happen very often.  My dad and I had a conversation one day about being right.  We're those people; the ones that are right all the time.  We're really good judges of character and what motivates people.  We were talking about how not-so-fun it is to be right all the time.  People think it'd be the greatest thing in the world.  In all honesty, when you're right all the time, you end up begging others to prove you wrong.  Please, prove me wrong.  It's way more sweet than me being right about bad things that happen to people all the time.  I LOVE to see people change their lives for the better, it's just the more complicated thing to do, so it isn't what happens most often.  People tend to take the easy road. 

Back to your workout buddy.  Or buddies in general.  Focus on spending time with people whom you strive to be like.  It enforces positive habits.  My grandma always told me when I was younger, "You are the company you keep."  I didn't understand it for a while.  Then I understood it an didn't always like it.  Then I realized, that old bird knew what she was talking about!

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