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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Find Your Fit

 You can't deny sound measurements.  So, if your numbers aren't where you want them, don't get mad, get even.  Work harder and work smarter toward your goals!

I have some blog posts about goals; Goals, Baby Steps and Goals that can get you started.  Goals are great to give you positives to focus on and a starting point in life to get what you want and work hard to get it.
 If you're working out and not getting the results you want, take a look at your diet and nutrition.  Are you meeting your daily nutritional needs?  Are you eating to comfort yourself, eating every time you crave something, or giving your body food for fuel?  Are you eating because you need to or because you want to?  Start with a food diary if you're not keeping one and write down EVERYTHING... including the M&Ms!  Your body is a temple, it's the vessel for which we get to live life.  Embrace your mind, body and spirit and if you can find health in each the mind, body and spirit, you'll find yourself a more healthy and fit person.  You have to control your mind with your spirit, keep the mind focused and the mind controls the body.  Keep your focus on the goals

And, YES!  This feeling really does suck!

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