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Sunday, May 27, 2012

How Active Are You?

New Balance Via Step Counter

Pedometer with Radio
When asked that question, I was MAJORLY mistaken on my thoughts of how active I am.  Yesterday I bought myself a New Balance Via calorie step counter.  It was a middle of the road step counter I found at Target.  I thought I was just moderately active.  Today was my first day wearing it.  14,000+ steps is what I found I did today.  I thought "no wonder I'm to exhausted after I get the boys in bed!"  Today was what I call a lazy day.  Royce was home to help out with the kids.  I hung around and did dishes, folded laundry, went to my in-laws for a while so the kids could play in the pool and mowed the lawn for a while.  It was nothing to strenuous.

The FitBit is really hot in the fitness world.  There are pedometers for ipad and iphone.  Nike makes the fuel band.  Some do more than others.  You just have to figure out what you want in a step counter.  Some are heart rate monitors too, some play music, some sync with your computer and help you track calories burned while you log your food and nutrition.

I highly recommend having one of some kind, it's a really helpful tool to keep you moving and motivated to stay active!

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