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Thursday, May 10, 2012

If you're having a bad day.....

I LOVE this video.  It's so inspirational.  I've been watching it on my bad days when I have no motivation and my dedication seems like it disappeared overnight.  On days when I'm sore and not sure if I can do a workout at all.....After a cup of coffee and this video, something sparks and I'm ready for my Shakeology and my workout.  I first saw it on Motivation Into Habit and added it to my favorite videos on YouTube.  It's no piece of cake.  I get it, but if this guy can get motivated to loose the weight through yoga and gain the strength to walk again, I can surely take off some measly baby weight, eat right and get fit.  It's such a minor challenge compared to going against the odds and walking again!

So, set your goals and don't forget....you CAN!

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