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Sunday, May 13, 2012

P90X: Week 5

Training Block 1: Classic was 4 weeks or core killing, ab ripping, body sculpting madness.  Yoga, mixed martial arts, push ups, pull ups, jump training and stretching.

I started Training Block 2: Lean today.  I don't need to step it up to Lean, but I felt by week 4 things were starting to get a little easy for me on Classic, so I decided "why not?"

Day 1, today, was core synergistics and it kicked my butt all over again!  I find myself pausing to rest, out of breath, hurting, stopping to stretch like day 1 all over again.  This training block will most certainly kick my butt into shape, which is obviously the goal.  If you can work out 60-90 minutes a day and not get your ass in shape, you let me know what the hell you're doing, or the more probable situation, not doing.

Give me a call, I'll help you kick your ass into shape!

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