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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's Working?

 First, I try and start my day with Shakeology.  Not because I always want to, but because it's what I have time for.  I've been using it for over 4 months and I haven't stopped yet.  It's good stuff with a good purpose.  It's quick and easy to throw in the blender or a shaker cup with some milk or coffee, add a little PB2 if I have time.  It starts my day off right, gives me energy, makes me feel full, curbs cravings and if I start my day off right, I tend to follow through better.  Why ruin lunch if I already have done good half the day?!

I have them and I like having them.  If you don't have goals, what do you have to work towards?  What's going to make you the best you that you can be?  I have goals and I find it helps me to do things when I otherwise might not.  They keep me on track to having a better future.  They keep me working on me and focusing on what I want.  Every decision I make focuses on what do I want and how does this play into the big picture.

I make grocery lists and don't shop when I'm hungry.  Somehow I manage and my kids want things like apples.  I'd like to think I have something to do with that, but my kids make healthier food choices than I ever have.  They live for peanut butter on chocolate rice cakes topped with bananas.  Their snacks are things like apples and fruit snacks.  And, they have Halloween candy from last year!  We keep good food in the house and I always cut up veggies when I bring them home.  It makes healthy options convenient and an easier option than making cookies or brownies.

I also try and eat at home.  It's easier to make good food choices at home.  Eating out throws me off track every time, but I'm getting better at ordering a salad or something grilled, getting a half order and getting the veggies instead of fries or at least a baked potato.

WATER.  I drink it.  You should too.  Not tea, not soda, not juice, not beer, not wine, just plain, clear, healthy, clean WATER.

EXERCISE- It makes it happen.  It gets endorphins flowing and makes me feel good every time I do it!  Not only that, it helps burn fat, gain muscle and get rid of that handful of M&Ms I couldn't help but grab from the cabinet.

 Plank.  It works everything, everywhere, all at the same time.  It works the core, it works the legs, it works the arms and all those muscles you didn't really know you have.  Start planking.  I did.

Staying active.  It's not hard with a 18 month old, a 3 year old and a puppy.  But, I have my lazy days.  I just have to pull myself out of the chair I'm snuggling my kiddos in and get on my feet.  Once in motion, it's so much easier.  An added Turbo Fire workout here and there helps too.  And, I've been swimming laps and doing water aerobics while the local swimming pool is open.

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