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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Supplements: Green Coffee Extract

Dr. Oz is at it once again with weight loss.  A few months ago he recommended Green Coffee Extract.  Now, drinking coffee is NOT going to give you the same results. Green Coffee Extract comes from UNROASTED coffee beans.  Roasting the beans removes the bitterness, and the chlorogenic acid that aids in weight loss.  When you're looking at an extract to purchase, you're looking for GCA or Svetol in the active ingredients at 45% or higher.  It can be taken before each meal.  Now, here's the bad part....the WARNINGS!  This supplement is NOT to be consumed by children or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Ok, there's not really any known side effects....THUMBS UP!  But, read the label carefully.  Make sure there's not added caffeine and you're looking for at least 450 mg Green Coffee Extract.  And, make sure the product was made in the USA, it's the real stuff!  Those made in China extracts are low quality and you won't see the same results.  Those with the good results have taken it for up to 22 weeks, so your results may not be noticeable for a while, but paired with proper nutrition and exercise can be a very helpful supplement.

This is a good one! (I should get paid for this, but I don't!)

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  1. Great post. I just love this one. Thanks.

  2. Yeah I know that Green Coffee Extract comes from unroasted coffee beans. You warned about children, but I think they don't like coffee. You wrote only USA made products are perfect. Do you think others won'y work? The article is well written anyway.


  3. Thanks for the sharing. This post makes me sure that green coffee extract can help us to weight loss.

  4. Timothy, my kids LOVE coffee and they're 3 1/2 and 2. The labeling regulations aren't as strict outside the United States, so something labeled "100% Green Coffee Extract" just simply may not be. I just like to play it on the safe side and make sure I'm getting what I think I am. It's your choice if you buy other, just realize that labeling in other countries is not always what it is in the states and you may or may not be getting what you think you are.